Saturday, October 07, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts from the Drive

Today I drove "up north" to visit my great-aunt who is recuperating from knee surgery. I was happy to find her looking and eating well and in good spirits!

It's a long trip to get up there. As my sister puts it, I live much closer to the equator than the rest of my family, who are in the northwestern end of the state. So the farther north I drove, the more colorful the trees on the roadsides became. As I reached the mountains in northwest Jersey, the colors were beautiful.

On the way home, it was too dark to savor the beauty of the trees, but there was a big full moon. I could see the face of the Man in the Moon, who looked like he was singing. I was singing too--enjoying the opportunity to switch between Contemporary Country, Folk and Bluegrass with no one to nag me to put something "better" on the radio. Where I got my taste for bluegrass is anyone's guess; I grew up on Simon and Garfunkel, the Bee Gees, and Dan Fogelberg. Tonight I heard the bluegrass version of "Cotton Eyed Joe." That's not the one my kids like to dance to, for sure!

Last night we braved the damp, chilly weather to attend our church's Fall Festival. I couldn't get any Polish food, since the line was way too long. But a friend of ours was having a great time as the DJ, and "Chicken Little" visited the Festival to entertain the kids. Little Brother had a wonderful time doing the "Chicken Dance" with "Chicken Little." It was so funny to watch. And the beauty of being 4 is that he dances like no one's watching.

It was nice to have the car radio all to myself, but I did miss having company on the trip. Thanks to my dad's strong Irish tea, I had no trouble staying awake for the drive. But I came home, had something more to eat and a big glass of milk, and I'm ready to just relax and go to sleep, thankful that I am home safe, that I had a chance to have a nice meal with my parents, and most of all that my aunt is doing well.

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