Friday, October 06, 2006

Prayers and Suffering

I have posted my Prayer Intentions here. I hope to keep it updated.

Part of doing this is because the question of suffering has come up lately. I was asked by a friend who is in great pain right now, about the concept of offering up one's sufferings for others.

But what can I do when someone else is suffering? What can I do to help alleviate their pain, be it physical, spiritual or emotional?

I was hoping to take Little Brother to Mass today, because my great-aunt is in the hospital. She is a daily communicant and never one to miss a First Friday--and I wanted to go in her place. Unfortunately, I had to make an appointment for Middle Sister to see the doctor. It looks like she has exercise-induced asthma and I want to get it checked out. And the only time I could get an appointment--the same time as First Friday Mass.

So what can I do--what can I offer--for the members of my blood family and my Franciscan family who are suffering at this time?

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