Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Brother's Report on Visiting Another Parish

Yesterday, the guys in the family attended Mass at a different parish. Big Brother's Boy Scout troop is sponsored there, and they were having a popcorn sale after all Masses. Little Brother loves to do anything with the Boy Scouts, so he went along.

Today, I got the full report. First he happily showed me the treat bag that the Youth Group passed around to all kids. There were a few pieces of candy, a rosary, a pamphlet on how to say the rosary, and a "Holy Trader" card of Blessed Jacinto.

I asked him if he knew whose picture was on the front of the rosary pamphlet. He said, "It's Mary--Father's Mommy." (Wouldn't Father love that?) He wanted to know about the Blessed Jacinto card. I wasn't sure how to put that so a 4-year-old could understand, so I just said that "Mary came to visit him and his friends because they were special, and she told them how to be good." When he's bigger, he can learn more....

Then he told me that at this church, "they speak English!" I don't know what language he thinks they speak at our regular parish.

Finally, he was very excited about "the candles with the buttons on them. Guess what, Mom! When you go up to them, and you press the button, it lights up!" I wonder how many of those candles Daddy had to invest in yesterday.

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