Friday, October 27, 2006

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

The Homecoming Dance at Big Brother's school is tomorrow.

Last night, he decided he wanted to go to the dance.

In order to go to the dance, he had to buy a ticket today. He will also have to come shopping with me today, to buy a sport jacket to wear to the dance. I can see how this scenario will play out: we'll go to the store, find the blue jackets, try them on him until we get the right size, pay, and leave. Tomorrow after running in the Homecoming 5K race (probably in the rain) and watching the football game (possibly in the rain) he will come home, shower, put on his khakis, dress shirt, tie, and new jacket, and go to the dance.

4 years from now, Middle Sister will get ready for her first Homecoming dance. Only she'll start preparing in July. Of this year.

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