Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mr. Independent

It was just before lunchtime, and I told Little Brother that he could choose from a tuna sandwich or leftover pizza for his lunch. He wasn't sure what he wanted, so I said that after I used the bathroom, I'd be back downstairs to serve his lunch.

I'm a mom. I do not linger in the bathroom.

I heard a noise as I came back downstairs. A noise like...the microwave. The one ABOVE THE STOVE.

There was Little Brother, who had pulled up a chair to the stove, unwrapped the leftover pizza from the foil, placed it in the microwave, and turned it on!

Interrogation revealed that Mr. Independent had set the microwave on "1-2" so the pizza barely got warm. Phew!

I think it's time to childproof again--in the High Places this time.

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