Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Up for a Challenge

The other day, Danielle posted about the "30 Days to a Clean House" system. I love systems. The problem is the follow-through.

But I figure, what do I have to lose? I clicked on the link and found that the system doesn't even make you work on Sunday if you don't want to--"weekend" jobs are lumped together under that heading. Sounds good so far.

It got even better when I realized that "weekend 1" is all about the attic. We don't use our attic, as it's accessible only through 2 tiny crawl-holes in different closets. Little Brother could probably get in if we wanted him to, but we don't want him to. So I get to check "attic" off the list without having to do a thing! Woohoo!

I have dutifully completed the special jobs for the first 2 days. That means the family room is clean--well, cleaner than it started out today. Little Brother kept himself busy while I washed the windows and the curtains (those jobs were NOT on the list but really needed to be done), by dragging out ninety bazillion tiny battleships, tanks, Star Wars guys, Tinker Toys, and Matchbox cars. I motivated him to stick with his task by putting on the Star Wars soundtrack, and we both worked pretty hard. So if you don't look at the floor, the family room looks great.

If nothing else, I got some of the detail work done in that room that I usually don't, because I'm too busy dealing with Legos, battleships, tanks, Star Wars guys, Tinker Toys, and Matchbox cars. Not to mention matching up the DVDs with their boxes, because Little Brother can't read yet, so he's not too much help with that one.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. But whatever I get done from this list puts me ahead of the game, because it gets me out of the daily pick-up, wipe-up, keep the laundry done and the family fed stuff.

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