Friday, March 16, 2007

6 Weird Things Meme

Last year it was 5 weird things. But now it's 6!! The Rambling GOP Soccer Mom has requested that I name 6 weird things about myself.
Is there no end to the weirdness?

1. Windows, if opened, must all be raised to uniform heights. The same goes with shades or blinds. Unevenness in these areas will drive me crazy, whether it's in my home or someone else's.

2. I have a special fork. No one else may use that fork. Dire consequences will result. We only have one fork, knife and spoon in that pattern, and the FORK IS MINE. I don't really care about the other 2 pieces so much. I'll just use whatever I have.

3. I can read several nonfiction books at once, but only one fiction book.

4. There are 3 A's in my first name and 3 Z's in my last name. And only 3 letters in my middle name! Before I was married, the only vowel I had was A--first, middle and last names (unless you count Y).

5. I will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid being photographed, especially if it's a video camera.

6. I have worn the same pair of earrings for more than 5 years almost without exception. It's the only pair I have that don't cause my earlobes to break out. On very special occasions I put on my "bling" that TheDad gave me on our first Valentine's Day together, but I can only handle that for about 2 hours. These earrings never leave my ears.

By the way, Christine, I like Blazing Saddles too! That musical number with Dom DeLuise kills me every time.

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