Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Answering Some Questions--and Requesting a Prayer

First of all, I'm 2 memes behind here, so if you tagged me, bear with me.

And now from the combox:
On King Tut:
Ellen, I would recommend this exhibit to any adult who has an interest in Egypt. I would not recommend this to children under high-school age. It is a museum exhibit. It's in a series of little dark rooms. Most display cases show items at a 4-foot height (some ten-year-olds were too short to see some things). The IMAX movie is probably not worth it unless you have a crush on Omar Sharif. It's not that the subject matter isn't appropriate for children, but it's not presented in a way that will interest them. It's really meant for adults to appreciate.
Sara, there was no bloodshed, but I did lose one of the kids for a few minutes. The Tap-Dance-Kid (who thinks she is perpetually starring in her very own Broadway show) took off with some other chaperone to another area without telling me or the teacher. I spent most of my time counting heads to make sure I had all 5 kids at all times--in the dark. And I PAID for this privilege. Apparently at this school, there are no freebie field trips for room parents. But I had a very pleasant and polite boy in my group who actually showed courtesy all day long and thanked me for being a chaperone! That was a real treat.

On the Violas in the Yard:
Sara, I do not live in the Frozen Tundra. That is a good thing since I don't deal well with cold. If it's below 50 degrees I have gloves on. If it's below 85 I am probably NOT wearing shorts. Thank you for letting me know the name of my cute flowers. Don't worry, they won't get any care other than the natural kind of watering that God provides them. This method of gardening has helped me produce the Hosta That Needs Its Own Zip Code. We haven't killed the Live-Forevers yet either.

Now for the prayer request. Actually, TWO prayer requests. But one saint could intercede for both of these. Saint John Bosco, please intercede on behalf of:
The Kitchen Madonna's son, who may lose his spot in a training program for handicapped young adults due to budget cuts, and
a young student I personally know (not a family member) whose educational career may be disrupted. This would be a shame for him.

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