Friday, March 30, 2007

Note from the Teacher

Little Brother had a friend over to play today, so he missed going to preschool. Half an hour ago he realized that he had not gone to school, and a big scene resulted.

So Middle Sister decided to play school with him for a while. She gave him the number placemat and the dry-erase marker so he could write his numbers. Then she gave him the letter placemat for writing his letters. I just overheard a big discussion about why he does not need to ride a school bus.

Then Little Brother delivered me a note from the teacher. Here's what it said:
"I must say, Little Brother is a very bright student. The only thing bad is that he doesn't like to follow orders (directions) Please talk to him about this problem. Although he is a very quick learner, he needs some proper judgement. By that I meen he needs to get better manners."

She is one tough grader. She can't spell, but she's tough. Good thing I'm not in her class....

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