Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dramatic Ending

Little Brother's birthday celebration was in full swing yesterday, with all the kids, big and small, outside enjoying the warm and sunny day. Someone popped in to report that the kickball was stuck in the top of the 20-foot pine tree in front of the house, "but it's OK, because Big Brother's going to climb up and get it out."

He's climbed that tree plenty of times before. The only thing I worried about was that he'd rip his new jeans (he's ripped plenty of clothes climbing that tree.)

He came in a minute later, without the kickball but with an injured eye--he'd been poked by a twig as he started up the tree.

Less-squeamish adults than I inspected his eye. TheDad drove to the drugstore for an eye-wash kit in case there was anything still in there. After a wash, it still looked bad, and TheDad took Big Brother to the emergency room instead of to the party he was planning to attend.

Fortunately it turned out to be just a surface scratch. Big Brother was given some eyedrops and instructions to stay away from video games for two days. That's going to be one rough directive to follow.

After giving him a very late dinner, TheDad took Big Brother to his friend's party. Better late than never. We're just happy it wasn't any worse.

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