Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taking Flight

I just read this post about guardian angels working overtime this week, and how hard it is to watch your children grow up and give them over to those same guardian angels.

I completely agree. It's much easier when they're still small enough to carry. But I only have one who still fits in that category (and it's getting tough to still do that).

This afternoon found me sitting at a local airport while Big Brother participated in a fly-in, as a back-seat passenger in a retired Russian military trainer. I don't like to think about how high up he was when he took this picture. I didn't want to know if the pilot was going to do any acrobatics, but I figured it wasn't out of the question as there were several aircraft practicing formation technique. And the relief I felt once I saw the plane return to the runway was multiplied when the pilot gleefully informed me that there had been "a little trouble up there with the landing gear" but that fortunately the gear had locked in the down position, which was the favorable kind of problem to have.

If this kid keeps flying I think I might wear out some rosaries. And as he progresses through his high school years and beyond, he will be in situations that may risk his life, limb, morals, principles, integrity and career. I guess it doesn't matter whether he's in an airplane or not. There will still be many risks, and TheDad and I won't always be able to be there to make sure the landing gear works.

It's a big world, and he's discovering just how big it is. Today he got to experience that from a very high altitude. I'm glad there was room in that cockpit for his guardian angel, and I pray that his angel will always stay close by him.

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