Friday, March 16, 2007

A Snowy Evening

Since early this morning it has been snowing and/or raining and/or dropping sleet-on-steroids (I'm serious; if you can identify the corners and planes on a piece of ice that has just hit your windshield, this is more than just sleet!)

And I spent a decent part of the day driving around in this mess. It took me a whole hour to pick up Middle Sister and my Fairy Goddaughter at school, drop off Fairy Goddaughter at her home, and get home here. I should be able to do that in 40 minutes tops. (Fairy Goddaughter really is my goddaughter, and TheDad's too. When she was in kindergarten, she told her friend that I am her Fairy Godmother. Works for me).

Big Brother and TheDad are off for a fun-filled, snowy weekend of camping with the Boy Scouts. They're in a lodge, so it will at least be warm once they get a fire going. They raided our board-game closet (3 versions of Axis and Allies, Risk, Monopoly, chess, and a deck of cards) to keep everyone busy since they will be snowed in.

We've had our dinner and it's all cleaned up. I took out the trash and filled the bird feeder. Then I came in, put on my pajamas, made a cup of tea, and settled down at the kitchen table for a rare opportunity for Evening Prayer in the evening, before I'm too sleepy, with Little Brother's SpongeBob cartoon providing the background music.

Once I find out that the Scouts have reached their destination (in good weather, it should take an hour) I will be able to relax. If you have a prayer to spare for these crazy guys, I'd surely appreciate it. Saint George is the patron saint of scouting, I have learned.

Now that the game closet is half empty, maybe I should finish cleaning it out. Or I could go make some cookies.

I think the cookies will win. The closet will be there tomorrow.

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