Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What We Keep

Mary Poppins NOT describes finding a children's classic in a thrift store and seeing a special inscription:
"To a very brave little girl. From her loving and adoring mommy."
How on earth could someone get rid of that book?

I once bought a children's board book of prayers at a library book sale. It was MINT condition (rare for a board book) and when I read it with Little Brother for the first time, I found a loving inscription to a child from a GODPARENT. This was apparently a christening gift.

Could it really be true that a godparent took the time to select and inscribe this book for a godchild, only to have it donated, most likely unread, to a library sale?

What a tragedy that in both cases, a love note from a parent or godparent to a child is just considered clutter and thrown away.

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