Monday, March 12, 2007

Starting on a Sour Note

I hate it when one of my kids leaves the house in the morning right after we've argued--even when I was right. I don't like that they are starting their day off badly.

Today is one of those days. Middle Sister was getting ready to leave for school. I was making sure she had her lunch, report card, and a poster that's due today. Then I said those 5 little words that all 11-year-olds hate to hear: "Wait! You need a coat!"

She argued. I told her not to be rude, and that I wasn't bending on the coat (it's 28 degrees right now!) And she stormed out of here in a huff.

I'll be leaving in a few minutes to accompany her class on a field trip (we're seeing King Tut!) I hope she leaves her attitude behind on the trip, or we'll all need coats.

Anyone know the patron saint of mother-daughter relationships? St. Anne, perhaps? I'll be asking her intercession to help me hold the sarcasm while I explain about respect to my daughter.

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