Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Bitter Pill

I'm the one feeling bitter, actually.

Just got back from cantor practice at church.

The choir I sing with has not been assigned a Mass on Christmas. If we want, we can join in with the organ-accompanied choir at the 10:00 Christmas Eve Mass.

So a group that volunteers Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, and that has learned all the new music that has been thrown at us since June (including an Advent that is All New Music All The Time) will not be allowed to handle familiar Christmas carols on Christmas Day.

I consider it a gift and a privilege to be able to sing and play at Mass. It's nice to sit with my family, but I know they like it too, when I am part of the choir.

And yeah, I'm hurt.

In the grand scheme of things, this is really not much. But it's something to which I am very dedicated (and I can say the same for the other choir members). Many of us have been part of music ministry for almost 30 years. We don't take much time off--and when we do, we arrange with the rest of the choir for coverage. And basically, it feels like we're good enough to jump through all these hoops for Advent, but not good enough to do Christmas carols. Thanks for that.

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