Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fashion Rant

Today I ordered some clothes for my Big Kids to wear on Christmas. I'd taken care of Little Brother's needs a couple of weeks ago. He got a new sweater that he can wear with the khaki dress pants and a turtleneck that he already owns. So he's all set. Big Brother only needed a shirt, and since he just likes wearing a golf shirt and khakis, his shopping was done in a flash.

Then it was time for Middle Sister. Gone are the days when I could buy any dress with a "twirly skirt" and she was good to go. She's been emailing and IMing me with possibilities and I have rejected each and every one. A halter dress with net top, or spaghetti straps, or deep V-neck and sleeveless--in December? For a 12-year-old?

For a while I thought it was just because she had outgrown the girls' sizes and now had to shop in Juniors, but when I peeked back at the girls' dresses they were not much better. And almost nothing had sleeves. Most of the junior dresses barely hit fingertip length. How do they sit in those things?

And then we've got the shoes, because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like above-the-knee high-heeled hooker boots. (She doesn't understand why she can't have them).

Fortunately we did find a dress we could agree upon, though Middle Sister insists that she's not happy with this choice. But it's modest enough, provided she wears it with some leggings. And she'll get a new pair of flats to go with it.

It would be a lot easier if she'd just wear pants and a sweater....

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