Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad's Surgery Over!

My dad underwent surgery this morning to remove a tumor on the kidney. My brother just called to say that it went well; it was laparoscopic which will aid in recovery and they removed under 10% of the kidney. We have to wait to find out if it is cancer but there is a 90% chance of that.

We would all appreciate prayers for Dad during his recovery, and for Mom, whose job it will be to keep him tied down. He is not one for resting. This morning he was jogging at 4:30 AM in the sleet, since he knew he wouldn't be jogging for a while. My brother is considering removing all the front tires of all my dad's bicycles and taking them to an undisclosed location until the doctor clears him to ride.

Dad will be in the hospital probably for 3 more days.

I hope he will be OK. Thanks so much for prayers!

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