Friday, December 19, 2008

Facebook is Cool

I originally joined facebook so that I could spy keep my eye on Big Brother, since he had joined facebook to share photos with friends.

I've recently discovered that I have a whole bunch of cousins, aunts, nieces, and a sister-in-law on facebook! In fact, a bunch of my cousins and I have been keeping in touch this last week, concerning my dad in the hospital. Facebook has been an easy way to keep them updated.

My dad is mystified that I am communicating with the cousins in this manner. He refuses to look at facebook, but he did say that he received a "demand" to be added as a friend, from one of his accounting students. And my sister said that if her cousins want to communicate with her, they can find some other way to do it.

I think it's fun, though. I'm enjoying the pictures of my cousins' kids, since none of us live in the same area! And I think it's good to keep in touch, no matter what way you choose.

Oh, and Big Brother--I have more friends than you. I WIN.

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