Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute shoes!

Today I took Middle Sister shoe shopping today to complete her Christmas outfit. Payless has BOGO right now (I love BOGO) so Little Brother came along to replace his basically-destroyed school shoes. I rejected the Silver High-Heel Shoes out of hand.

Not only did they make Middle Sister WAY taller than me, but they are also not appropriate for a girl her age. I did hear her telling Little Brother to help her beg TheDad for them, but I'm onto that trick and ahead of the game.

So she did find these really cute red shoes. I was happy to say YES to those. Although I did say that she can't wear them with jeans until AFTER Christmas, so that they'll look nice for the special day.

Meanwhile Little Brother found his black sneakers that he needs for school. But there is a TINY blue line (look really hard and you MIGHT find it) and he was all upset about that.

I told him I'd color the black line in with a Sharpie if I had to, but these were the only ones that were available in his size. He was shaking his head, saying, "My teacher is NOT going to be happy about this."

I figure that he moves so fast, his teacher will never see the blue anyway. I swear this kid is basically a blur most of the time.

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