Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting

This morning I am watching Cutie Pie for a few hours while her mom attends a funeral and her dad's at work.

Mary Poppins Not has a post just today about 3-year-old girls, and it fits Cutie Pie perfectly:
Three year old girls are a unique creation. It's like they go from 2 to 12 over night. Strong willed, independent, argumentative, and bossy. But the big difference is at three, they are still oh so cute and chubby. And they are still small enough to be physically picked up and put in bed, or in the corner, or in a chair.

Three year old girls also change clothes a million times a day, and have very strong opinions about what they want to wear, what shoes go with the outfit, and what sort of clip ought to go in her hair.

Three year old girls hardly eat anything in one sitting. And they don't like food they used to love. And they have a terrific pout.


Also in my experience, three year old girls with clear and enforced boundaries are sweet, cheerful and very energizing. When expectations for their behavior are clearly stated, they strive to please. When given a new task, they devour it with relish, and want more. They notice so many new things about their world, and they are very generous with sharing their insights. Bugs, birds and flowers are the new thrill around here, and it gets me excited all over again about the world I live in.

Cutie Pie has a lot to say, and she invariably has her audience chuckling the whole time. She's as verbal as your average 5-year-old, giving a play-by-play of her day as she goes through it. She also insists that her sandals are much more comfortable when worn on the wrong feet. (Not worth the battle, I figured.)

Oh yeah, she's humble too! She put on one of Little Brother's hats earlier and was striking a pose. I played along. "Cutie Pie, you look FABULOUS in that hat!"

Posing again, and flirting a bit with her long eyelashes, she answered me, completely seriously: "Yes! I do!"

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