Monday, May 07, 2007

Why Am I Still Here?

I've got several errands on the calendar for today:
Shopping at the warehouse store, a quick supermarket run, a stop at the post office, and picking up Mom's pizza peel at the Kitchen & Linen Big Box store (she wants this for Mother's Day). I've also got to pick up a bird feeder that someone listed on freecycle. We love feeding the birds here.

So why am I still at home, doing laundry, tidying up the kitchen and checking email?

Little Brother and Adventure Boy have been outside for the past half hour, hunched over an earthworm they found on the sidewalk. They're busy taking care of their New Best Friend. They filled Middle Sister's old toy puppy crate with dirt, ran for a paper cup of water, and gently scooped up the worm in a sand shovel.

Two little boys in blue sweatshirts with the hoods up, crouching over a pile of dirt in the middle of the could I break that up?

I think the jasmine rice, mushrooms, pizza peel, packages and bird feeder can wait until after lunch.

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