Friday, May 04, 2007

Special Person's Day

Today at Middle Sister's school, it was "Special Person's Day."

I was feeling a little put out because the children and their Special Person were going to attend church together, but it wasn't their usual First Friday Mass. It would only be a Prayer Service. I was pleasantly surprised.

After a snack time when the Special People were entertained by the middle-school-age children, we picked up Middle Sister in her classroom and headed to the church. We participated in a Communion service celebrated by one of the deacons.

This deacon gave an excellent homily on how Mary is a Special Person who should be a role model for all of us, and mentioned that our Special People would be better role models than sports figures, movie stars and rap musicians. At the end, we were reminded that Mary leads us to Christ.

On our way out, Little Brother commented, "I like Special Person's Day. It's all about eating, singing, and church."

UPDATE: After my conversation with Jackie in the comment box I emailed the principal and asked "Why no Mass?" She assured me that the newly-installed pastor had asked her the same thing and he promised that in future years there will be Mass at Special Person's Day. I couldn't ask for better news than that. This pastor has gotten very involved with the school in a short time and everyone is thrilled.

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