Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Need an Apron Day

This is my apron. I'm a big fan of the Kitchen Madonna's work--I think she must be praying while she pleats.

Every time my neighbor sees me with my apron on, she asks me what I'm cooking. I'm not always cooking, but I like to wear the apron even when I'm not. The color is cheerful and makes me smile. My little neighbor Cutie Pie told me yesterday that she likes the black dots. (Me too, Cutie Pie!)

When I wear my apron I am on the job. The pretty pattern catches my eye and reminds me what I am here to do. Last year my Big Kids used to tease me when I practiced the organ, reminding me that I shouldn't look down at my hands while I played. They'd threaten to borrow Music Teacher's Ugly Apron. Apparently Music Teacher had an apron that she would have kids wear while they had their keyboard lessons. If they could see the apron, they were paying too much attention to their fingers; it was a reminder that they should look at the music instead.

My Pretty Apron works the same way for me. When I wear my apron I am more focused on what I'm to be doing in my home. It's not just doing laundry or cooking a meal. It's nourishing my family in many ways.

Lindsey observed that being home is to a great extent, a heart issue. You've got to really focus your heart on HOME and FAMILY to make it work and not feel frustrated. I think she's absolutely right. I wish I had learned this when the kids were younger. I used to "create" errands so I could get out of the house every day. Now I am trying to think of ways to avoid errands so I don't have to leave. And the more things on my plate that take me out of the house, the more ways I want to cancel them all so I can stay home.

What I really need right now is an Apron Day. A whole day with nowhere to go, and nothing to do besides be here at home and do what moms do best.

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