Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So simple, even a child understands

On the way to her softball game tonight, Middle Sister saw the many signs dotting the town and the high school for the upcoming Relay for Life. She wanted to know what that event is. It sounds harmless and fun: high school students having fun, staying up all night in exchange for money for the American Cancer Society.

Then she wanted to know why we don't have a sign for the Relay for Life in front of our house. I told her that this is because the American Cancer Society is involved in supporting Planned Parenthood--which means supporting abortion. Also, I let her know that even though abortion has been shown to raise a woman's risk of developing certain cancers, the American Cancer Society still supports abortion.

After she let that sink in, she told me that this makes no sense. If you are fighting cancer, why support doing something that could make you get cancer?

I don't have an answer for her. Perhaps the American Cancer Society would like to explain this to my 11-year-old daughter. Until then, we won't be buying that purple ribbon. We'll save our money to buy diapers for the crisis pregnancy center.

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