Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Ducks Have Left the Neighborhood

Every spring the ducks come to our neighborhood for a few weeks. We feed them when we see them, and we've known for a while that Mama Duck had again nested under our neighbor's shrubbery.

This morning my neighbor told me that the babies had hatched and there were at least eight little ones! She expected, though, that Mama and the babies would be walking away from their nest soon.

She was right...when TheDad was making his lunch in the kitchen, he saw the duck family by our back fence. Mama wasn't happy that I came outside for a last photo opportunity before she herded her ducklings through the fence on their way to the nearby creek. They've got to cross two streets to get there, and one of those is really busy. I hope they make it safely.

I counted 10 babies. If you click on the bottom picture to make it larger, you can see 9 right by Mama, and one on the other side of the fence in the top left of that photo if you look really hard!

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