Friday, May 25, 2007

Adventures in Housecleaning: an IM conversation between me and TheDad

[10:57] I think I just broke the shower doors off their track and can't figure out how to get them back on...That's what I get for cleaning the bathtub....

[10:57] We'll figure it out
[10:58] they are a little fussy. I knocked them off the track once
[10:58] so unless the rollers are broken, we should be OK.

[10:58] It's off on the bottom, not the top
[10:59] Is this the part where you say "Don't clean ANYTHING ELSE till I get home"

[10:59] are both doors off or just one?

[10:59] Just one; the other one will not move at all

[11:00] wow...impressive

[11:00] they were looking really clean too

[11:00] is the one off completely?

[11:00] It's hanging on at the top, and the bottom is definitely out on the one end. Can't tell on the other end.

[11:00] how did you do that?

[11:01] Windex

[11:01] just rubbing it?

[11:01] Well, there's a lot of back and forth when cleaning those doors; first I did the inside and then the outside. Fortunately I was on the outside when this happened.

[11:02] reminds me of when you almost fell through the attic in our old house

[11:02] Are you saying that I should not clean unattended?

[11:02] just stay out of the attic!

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