Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tagged Again!

The Kitchen Madonna has tagged me for the 8 Random Facts meme. So I will have to think of 8 MORE Random Facts. Bear with me here. I am now going for entertainment value.

1. My favorite color is blue (no surprise there, right?) When I was in college, all the Sisters wore blue. Any student who spent more than an hour a week in church and wore anything blue was immediately targeted by what we used to call the "Sisters' Committee on Recruitment." So I stopped wearing blue for 4 years, except for jeans. Now, I go overboard in the other direction. It's a pretty rare day that I'm not wearing something blue.

2. I am currently "ripping" the tracks from this CD to add to my MP3 player: Millennium Soul Party. Found it at the library. This CD has 20 great tunes!

3. I'm usually cold, so I hate to turn on the air conditioning in the house. I'd rather have all the windows open. However, I am married to my "south polar opposite" so I have to give in on this one. So, I turn on the air, and put on my sweats (blue ones, of course!)

4. On my first date with TheDad, I beat him playing Trivial Pursuit. My friends told me it was a very bad idea to beat a guy at a game. But he married me anyway, 1 year later.

5. I hate to swim. I hate to put on a swimsuit, and not being a good swimmer, I don't feel confident in the water. This summer Little Brother is going to want to swim in the big pool at our community pool, and I'm dreading it.

6. Even though I hate shower doors, I did not break mine on purpose. We no longer have shower doors.

7. I had one year of Home Economics in grade school. I did very badly in that class--even the cooking part, and I love to cook! But I am more of an instinctive cook, and the teacher didn't want to work that way. We'd have gotten along a lot better if it were a baking class, since I do follow directions when I bake. And the sewing was a total failure. My sewing ability is limited to attaching merit badges to Boy Scout clothing.

8. I have more recipes and cookbooks than I can use in a lifetime and yet I cannot stop collecting them. Every so often I go through my stack of torn-out recipes and wonder, "Why did I save this one?"

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