Friday, May 04, 2007

Wake Me Up When May Is Over

TheDad read the article that estimates the stay-at-home mom's salary for this year. He very nicely offered to take me out to dinner sometime, since there's not a spare $138,000 in the family budget for my paycheck.

That'll be great, and I'll look forward to it. But I know very well that it won't be happening anytime soon.

It's a rare day in May that we don't have at least one thing on the calendar already. Some days are double- or even triple-booked. Between TheDad and Big Brother's Boy Scout meetings, Big Brother's track meets, Middle Sister's softball and volleyball games, my 2-hour-per-week tutoring job, Big Brother's trips to a local air show, whitewater rafting and Hershey Park (all through school), Middle Sister's Field Day (on a holyday of obligation), and my Secular Franciscan gatherings, we're hardly all home at the same time. This stay-at-home mom isn't home much.

I know that I shouldn't complain. I have three healthy (and reasonably happy) children. Two of them are involved in healthy activities like sports, visiting a local nursing home, Flight Club, Alternate Activities Club (to keep thrill-seekers from using drugs, tobacco or alcohol). I have a (very) part-time tutoring job that I enjoy. If my husband isn't home, it's because he's either at work or taking one of more of the kids to a sports event. I know that I shouldn't wish this time away, because the kids are growing up amazingly quickly.

Lord, I feel overwhelmed by my family's activities. Help me to realize that this is a normal part of my children's growing-up years. Help me to give them the guidance to choose their activities well. Help me to create a balance between family life, sports and school. And help me to savor the moments spent on cold metal bleachers, watching Big Brother run around a track, cheering for Middle Sister as she catches a fly ball, and showing Little Brother what he can do when he's as big as they are. Help me to remember that it's all worthwhile, and to work out a home routine that will get us through the coming busy weeks.

And now I must get Little Brother back into the car as we head to Middle Sister's school for "Special Person's Day."

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