Monday, May 14, 2007

How to Scandalize Your Mother in One Easy Step

It wasn't my kids this time. It was me. But I will say that my mom is very easy to shock.

This year for Mother's Day, TheDad spent a big chunk of the weekend removing the wallpaper in the bathroom and then painting it in the color of my choice. All the kids helped. It was a great present!

Of course, some new accessories must be purchased, since some of the old ones broke or were rusty. I was left in need of towel bars, a window shade, a curtain rod, and (most essential) a toilet-paper holder.

All of those things are not things you can do without if you intend the bathroom to be, um, functional. So for a day or so I was forced to improvise.

I brought in a coat tree to hold the towels. (So far, so good. Mom approved.)

I took Little Brother's favorite beach towel (the one with the big, yellow, cartoon-y octopus on it), and opened the window from the top, stuffing the top end of the towel into the opening. That took care of window coverings.

Finally, I got one of those suit hangers with the bar that kind of "unhooks" so you can slide the pants on, then hooks back in so they don't slide off. That worked for the toilet paper, for the time being.

I was patting myself on the back for finding creative and free solutions for a temporary problem (I'll have the shade purchased and installed by noon today) and my mother was completely shocked that I would (a) think to do these things and (b) freely admit them to her.

What would she think if she knew I was telling you about it here?

Don't worry, Mom. I'm just like you--I have to have all my windows open "evenly" and the bottoms of the shades must be even as well. So don't feel like you failed or anything.

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