Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Night Work, and Why I'm Not Cut Out for It

I've always been a "morning person." It's a bad idea for me to hit that snooze button too many times because my best time of day is the morning. Today I made very sure to be up and at 'em at 5:15 because the neighbor kids were coming over at 7, so I needed to jump-start my day a little. (TheDad is supposed to get up at 5 so the alarm was set no earlier than usual--but I had to be inflexible about that snooze button.)

It was a busy day today. I babysat until 10:00 while tidying the dining room and washing the windows, and working up two practice worksheets on the subjunctive mood in Spanish for the student I am tutoring. Then I packed Little Brother's lunch and we headed to Middle Sister's school for our lunchroom duty, where I spent two hours tossing slices of pizza onto paper plates, hauling crates of chocolate milk out of the cooler, and wiping tables. I had a little down time after that, until it was time to pick up Middle Sister, take her to the nursing home for her class's visit with the residents, shop at Walmart with Little Brother until she was done, and bring her back home in time to make and serve dinner and deliver her to her softball game. 15 minutes later I left for my tutoring job.

At that point there wasn't enough caffeine in the known universe to keep me really alert. It was 6:30 PM and I'd been going, going, going all day. Big mistake. HUGE--as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman.

I meet my student at the public library. He's a senior in high school. Every day that I have tutored him, he's had curly hair and worn a baseball cap.

I walked into the library, looked around at the crowd and did not see my student. I sat down at the only empty table, behind a young man with very short hair. His back was to me. I picked up the books on reserve for me, started a crossword puzzle, and waited for him to show up. I waited 15 minutes. Just as I was about to get my cell phone out to walk outside and call his home, the young man at the next table turned a little bit--it was my student, with no hat and a very short haircut.

It's going to take a long time to live this one down. Lucky for me, he graduates in 3 weeks so I will only see him twice more.

Boy, do I wish they'd allow us to bring coffee into the library. Either that, or I wish my student would meet me at 6:30 AM when I'm all kinds of awake and alert.

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