Thursday, May 17, 2007


What you will find if you look in my planner for today's date:
--Ascension Thursday (translation: GO TO CHURCH!)
--Middle Sister Field Day: donate 50 10-oz cups
--noon: Tutor at library (with 2 children in tow)
--house: laundry, change 2 beds, trash day
--dinner: Teriyaki Pork, rice, green beans

What you won't find, but nevertheless has happened:
--nag Middle Sister about staying off her injured foot (the reason she is not at school on Field Day)
--instruct Little Brother and Adventure Boy on proper protocol for their Earthworm Relocation Program: "Do not dump your bucket of dirt and worms on the sidewalk! Someone will step in it and kill the worms. You can dump that into the garden, over here. Now get some shovels and clean all that up and put it in the garden."
--take a phone call from your student's father after your student skipped his second tutoring appointment this week. Tell said student's father that the student only has a D in class right now, and that he has to put in some serious study time if he intends to pass his final exam and graduate high school. Reschedule for Saturday morning.
--email student's guidance counselor to ask about proper protocol for students who repeatedly skip tutoring sessions

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