Friday, September 29, 2006

Apprehension and Intercession

This particular week of the year has not been a good one for my family.

My grandmother was one of eight children. Of the eight, three passed away during the same calendar week, though not in the same year. Her younger brother died around October 4, before I was even born, so I am not certain of the exact date. My grandmother died 4 years ago on October 1, and her younger sister, R., died three years ago today (September 29). The other two died during winter months (one on December 8). Of my grandmother's 7 siblings, only two are alive today.

Besides noting that they all died on significant feasts of the church (for my great-uncle, Feast of St. Francis; for my grandmother, the Little Flower--and she was buried on the Feast of St. Francis which was also First Friday that year; for my great-aunt, the Feast of the 3 Archangels--and she was buried on the Feast of the Guardian Angels, and another sister on the Immaculate Conception), I get a little apprehensive at this time of year. The two remaining siblings are both over 75. Last year, my last great-aunt, A., had a stroke sometime around now. While she was DRIVING HER CAR. Somehow she got herself home without hurting herself or anyone else. Weeks of rehabilitation and therapy later, she was back home by herself in her big house. (Can you tell that this is a family with a very strong independent streak? And my husband wonders where I get it...)

And then I find out that on Wednesday, October 4, she is going in for a much-needed knee replacement.

I don't want to borrow trouble or anything, but couldn't she have picked a DIFFERENT WEEK?

A. has a great devotion to Saint Anthony, so I will be praying hard to ask him to intercede on her behalf. I'd appreciate it if anyone who reads this would do the same.

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