Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Works-For-Me Wednesday: School Lunch

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I'm starting my sixth year as a lunchroom volunteer in one of my kids' schools. We're better known as Lunch Mommies. In between setting out cartons of milk and juice, selling pretzels, handing out straws, and wiping up spills, we help little ones tie their shoes and put the straws into their juice boxes. I consider it part of my job to greet every child who comes my way with a smile.

We do wash the tables and chairs in between each feeding, with hot soapy water. But I still cringe when I see the little kids setting their sandwiches right on the tables. They haven't quite gotten the hang of putting the sandwich on top of the empty bag. And napkins? Moms pack them. Kids ignore them.

I like to include a cake-size paper plate in Little Brother's lunchbag, since he carries a lunch to school and eats with the kids. Plates left over from the most recent party work great, but plain ones are fine too--and you can write a little note to your child on the bottom of the plate. The kids are always looking to see what kind of plate Little Brother has brought in his lunch each time.

So with your early-elementary child's lunch, don't forget to pack a plate!

BONUS: On my fridge, you'll find a recipe for Gingerbread Cake that's great for packing in lunches!

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