Friday, September 01, 2006

Last Bit of Quiet

Sort of quiet, anyway.
As quiet as it can get with the dryer humming, and the laptop wheezing, and the TV in the background just in case they issue an updated tidal flooding warning. (Currently the warning is for after 2 PM today, and we plan to be well on our way home by then, if not already there).

I've been up since before 5, boxing and bagging and folding and stacking and stuffing. I'm almost done with my coffee already. But none of the kids, nor my husband, is up yet, so I can't start vacuuming and stripping beds and all of that. I bet the upstairs neighbors wouldn't appreciate vacuuming at this hour anyway, even though I swear there was someone ROLLER-SKATING above my head around 10 last night as I tried to go to sleep. And the Weatherdude has just announced that it has started raining'll be a soggy time packing the cars. I don't have a raincoat with me, either. And yeah, I'm the one who packs the cars, due to my talent (thanks, Dad) for getting maximum "stuff" into minimum "space." The rest of them get to be the Pack Mules and carry me things.

I'd enjoy the quiet time, but it just got quieter. The dryer is done. Time to fold and stack some more. Because as soon as we're all packed, cleaned up, and fed breakfast, SFO Mom's Family is officially BUGGING OUT!

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