Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Successful Party

The party started at 1:30. The last guests left at 10:30.

The guests (almost 60 of them) seemed to like the food, and ate almost all of it. There are a few lonely watermelon slices, 5 meatballs, 2 dozen rolls, 4 cupcakes, some Rice Krispie Treats and half a loaf of Irish soda bread left (that will be tomorrow's Breakfast of Champions for me!)

For the main meal, I served:
Sausage, peppers and onions
Meatballs with sauce
Roast beef with gravy
Hot dogs
Dr. Pepper baked beans
Pasta salad (made by my neighbor)
Raw vegetable platter

For dessert, we enjoyed:
Cupcakes (arranged in the shape of the number 40)
Crumb cake (thanks to my sister-in-law)
2 kinds of cookies including Dutch windmills (thanks to my sister)
Rice Krispie Treats (made by my other neighbor)
Cream Puffs (also made by my neighbor)
Irish Soda Bread (thanks, Mom!)
Chrusciki (brought by Mom)

Beverages included water, soda, juice boxes, coffee, tea, and beer, though not as nice a brand as what was offered us at Big Brother's school last week. My designer-beer budget has gone to pay his tuition, so they can serve me beer at PTA meetings.

The house is thoroughly trashed. There are Legos, root beer cans, cupcake papers, pretzels, and Nintendo games strewed as far as the eye can see.

I still have a sink full of dishes even though I've done the biggest of the pots, pans and Nesco roasters. And I do not want to go out to the back porch to see what that looks like. But I know that if I don't do it now, I'll have to do it tomorrow. I'll wake up to a horrible mess on Sunday morning and really start the day off on the wrong foot.

Oh yeah, and the door of the coat closet is off its bottom hinge. This is the second party at my house where a door has been pulled off a hinge.

So I guess I'd better go see what awaits me on the porch.

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