Thursday, September 14, 2006

From the "Wish I'd Said That" Department

I'm glad SOMEBODY said it, though.

Rock Wren really nails it. The subject: Rosie O'Donnell's comments comparing "Radical Christianity to Radical Islam."

An excerpt from what Rock Wren would like to say to Rosie:
"You are so free in Christian America that you are drowning in freedom.
You are so drunk on freedom that you've come to believe freedom means
nobody can disagree with you... that disagreement with you is the same
as terrorism. I find it hard to believe you're not down on your knees
every night thanking God you live in country willing to stand up
against those who have your lifestyle high on their list of things they
hate about America. I find it hard to believe you support the politics
of appeasement for Islamic Fascists who would kill you and the politics
of hate for Christian Conservative Republicans who would protect you
even if they disagree with you. I find it hard to believe, Rosie, that
you hate President Bush more than you love your own family."

Go read the whole thing. It is a shame that the people who "benefit" most from the freedoms in our country are often the ones least likely to understand that we must defend those very freedoms.

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