Friday, September 01, 2006

Big Brother, We're Watching You

Finally, I get to use the internet to actually Spy On My Kid. He starts high school this week, and unlike his grade-school years, when I was hanging around volunteering in the school cafeteria a couple of times a week and so had ample opportunity for his teachers to approach me and rat him out about missed homework assignments, he'll be out there on his own.

Now, this boy got straight A's all through eighth grade, but still managed to miss more than a few homework assignments. And he knows that if he had turned in those assignments, he might have had a 98 average in math instead of a 93, but to him, an A is an A, and who cares about homework when he already knows how to do that math chapter, and there's something interesting about World War II spies on the Military Channel? (After all, he's got to fill in those blanks in his knowledge of World War II, because it doesn't get covered until the last week of school, and history is his favorite....)

So the school has this special website where parents can go and download their kids' grade reports at any time, as well as notes from teachers. Yes, I'll be checking on him.

I will miss having him in the kind of place where I was on a first-name basis with almost every teacher in the building. Using a "secret password" just won't be the same.

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