Thursday, September 14, 2006

First Book of Autumn Reading Challenge--DONE!

I finished, and enjoyed immensely, the first book on my Autumn Reading Challenge list. It only took me 2 weeks. I'd better speed things up a bit if I want to complete the list by Christmas....

Buster Midnight's Cafe
Buster Midnight's Cafe

by Sandra Dallas was a hoot! What a wonderful story of friendship that covered the lives of three girls from their schooldays to their old age. There is tragedy that can move you to tears. The funny moments will make you laugh out loud. And the bond of friendship that the three characters share is inspiring.

The narrator of this book, Effa Commander, is "helped" to tell the story by her friend "Whippy Bird" (what's up with the names?) and it's like reading a book by Maxine. (Just in case you don't know who Maxine is, here's one of my favorite Maxine cartoons. Visit your nearest Hallmark store and you'll see plenty of Maxine.)

I liked this book a lot, and if I ever finish my other Reading Challenge books, I'll be sure to pick up another one by this author.

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