Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Down In Front

Yesterday I took Little Brother to daily Mass, in commemoration of 9/11. It was the biggest crowd at a daily Mass that I have seen in a long time. But we managed to get a seat right up front, and Little Brother was looking forward to "watching what Father does."

He had his "Miniature Stories of the Saints" book with him also, and he was busy for the few minutes before Mass trying to match up the statues in church with the pictures in the book--although in his mind, if they're not completely identical, they're not the same guy. Saint Joseph, in the book, carries a lily as well as Baby Jesus. In church, the Saint Joseph statue only has Baby Jesus.

ANYway, Little Brother usually does not get to sit right up front. Daddy generally stays toward the back of the church, out of long habit developed when Little Brother was under two, and his pew behavior was rather terrible. They spent a lot of time in the vestibule listening to Mass over the speakers.

So Little Brother was enjoying his good view of everything. He could see Father blessing the bread and wine. He could see the hand gestures, and he paid much better attention. And he got excited about how well he could see. So in the middle of the Consecration, he couldn't keep it to himself anymore:

"Mom! I can kneel, and I can STILL SEE FATHER! Nobody's in front!"

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