Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Give Up

I have mentioned before that Middle Sister likes to watch "What Not To Wear." I have watched it with her on occasion.

One time their Fashion Victim had a dress that I almost recognized. A comfortable, out-of-style, floral print, drop-waist dress. The Style Nazis on the show threw it in the trash, calling it an "I Give Up Dress."

I have a dress a lot like that. I got it at an Eddie Bauer outlet. It's a very simple, comfortable, out-of-style, floral print, drop-waist dress. Bonus: it's loose, so it hides my motherhood-induced figure flaws. I don't wear it often, primarily because the basic color of the flowers on the dress is red. If there were more blue and less red on the dress, I'd probably live in it.

It's got short sleeves and is very cool to wear, so with today's warmth and humidity it was a perfect choice for church. As I took it out of the closet I thought, "This is my I Give Up Dress."

I almost hung it back up, but then I had a change of heart. What better thing to wear to church? That's what it's all about--giving up. To God.

Giving up is not a Bad Thing--for a Catholic. On the contrary, it's the only way we can get anyplace.

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