Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Whole New Schedule

No, not for Big Brother. (He only had 2 classes shuffled--Religion and language. No big deal, except for his grand plans for locker stops).

With the new school year comes the novelty of Big Kids in 2 different schools. First time ever--and I won't have kids in only one school again until Middle Sister finishes college. 11 years from now. Or more. It was novel for a while but now it has just settled into the dreaded Hectic Afternoon. I'm dealing with the morning rush just fine, and the rest of the day with just me and Little Brother (our last year together) is going well, though he misses the Big Kids and their friends. It's the afternoons that may kill me.

Thank God that Big Brother's high school is only 1 mile away, or I'd never get a meal on the table. He needs a ride home after Cross-Country practice....and yes, I fully see the irony in driving to pick up a child who is able to run 4 miles. They practice every day. Today he has a meet--an hour away from home. Also today, Middle Sister's school has Back-to-School Night, at 7. My husband has not called yet to give me the "I'm on the way home from work" (1 hour away) alert so I can get dinner on the table.

I have dinner as prepped as it can be. The chicken chunks are floured and ready to be sauteed. The sauce is mixed so I can pour it on the chicken once it's browned. Cucumbers are sliced. The rice cooker is all set--just have to push the button. So dinner will be done in the time it takes to cook the rice. I doubt I'll get to eat any tonight, but it'll be done fast.

So now, it's the Waiting Game. I have to leave at 6:45 no matter what state dinner is in, unless neither my husband nor Big Brother are home. I guess then, I'll just be Late for School tonight.

Good thing there's going to be cake at Back-to-School Night. I know this, because I baked and delivered one earlier today. On the news this morning, I heard that chocolate is healthy for you. Good--chocolate cake might be dinner tonight.

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