Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Dangerous Attitude

There's enough work to be done around here to keep me busy from now until Notre Dame kicks off tonight, and then some.

There's unpacking, and returning food to the pantry, and laundry, and ironing, and going through the mail, and all kinds of things like that.

There's the kitchen table, which winds up being a "catchall" for anything and everything, and which I'd like to cover with a pretty tablecloth, to dress the room up a little.

There's the Snow Cone Maker for which I really need to find a more convenient home, and a pizzelle maker I want to take for a test drive. And some people cooked themselves breakfast this morning, and left the mess behind.

There's the Honey Wheat Bread to be made for dinner tonight (recipe is hanging on my fridge.)

And my husband just left with the Big Kids to go see a movie, leaving me here with Little Brother and our 6-year-old Neighbor Girl. They're constructing an Army Guy Fort in the family room with Legos, giant cardboard bricks, tiny army guys, a toy tank and ambulance, and I can't figure out what else.

This seriously tempts me to curl up on the couch with some more coffee and a book, and ignore the mess. Why not? Everyone else is.

But tomorrow is Sunday and this is not the kind of work I want to have to do on Sunday. There's only one thing to do.

When I need motivation to complete tasks like this, I haul out the camera and take "before and after" pictures of the worst mess (in this case, my kitchen.) Because the only way I can motivate myself at this point is to shame myself into it. Then I'm putting on some pants with pockets in them, plugging into my MP3 player with "Rescue Me" cranking, and getting to work.

"Show and Tell" for pictures will happen after I get the work done. If I start fiddling with uploading pictures now, I'll never get that kitchen finished. And tonight, I'm watching football. Without multitasking.

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