Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday was our 16th wedding anniversary.

It was also the 17th anniversary of the day we met.

We were "set up" on a blind date thanks to Miss B, who was TheDad's neighbor and who worked with my father. A year later, she and her husband gave us a ride from the church to the reception after EVERYONE ELSE left us behind at church! Being inexperienced at the whole Plan-A-Wedding thing, we forgot to arrange that important bit of transportation....

In honor of our special day, we enlisted the help of Big Brother to babysit for a couple of hours so we could dine in style at a fancy but local restaurant. TheDad didn't care for the uncomfortable chairs or our proximity to other diners. I have to give him credit for indulging my taste for restaurants that don't have paper napkins or children's menus, even though we have determined through our customary Anniversary Research Expeditions that price in restaurants is inversely proportionate to the portion size. (One year we ate at a place that was so expensive, I left hungry. And I'm usually full by the end of the soup course!)

TheDad is the nostalgia specialist in our relationship. I'm not good at that stuff, so it's good that he is! He works hard. He loves me, and he loves the kids. He's terrific Tech Support for the family's computers. Who could ask for anything more?

So, to TheDad, I love you! I hope we have many more happy & healthy years! Thanks for putting up with my quirks and even sitting in uncomfortable restaurant chairs. Next year, YOU get to pick the restaurant.

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