Saturday, January 06, 2007

Home Improvement for the Soul in 2007

Father J.C. Maximilian has tomorrow's homily up.

A highlight:
Our example, our words, our actions should reflect Christ. Where can you be more like Christ? Which relationship, which habit, which activity in your life needs to be enhanced right now, so you can be more like Him? You know, and the Holy Spirit knows. Ask Him now, during this Mass, when you receive Holy Communion, ask Him to show you what project of home improvement for your soul you should take up, and ask Him to give you the courage to do it. I know that my “soul improvement” list is pretty full. How is yours?

We should be billboards for Jesus' Kingdom. Each of us should be like that star that guided the Magi to Jesus - more people than we realize, people who live right beside us, are searching, and if we let our lives shine in Christ, we will give them true joy.

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