Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weaseling His Way Out Of It

Little Brother had a friend over for a couple of hours this afternoon. It was lots of Little Boy Fun including swordplay, toy cars, Tinker Toys and just about every dinosaur they could find. For a snack they each had a bowl of mini pretzels (that I served them) and they later supplemented that with handfuls of sugar (they served that to themselves!!)

Before the other little boy went home I did have them work on picking up the toys since it looked like a Testosterone Typhoon had hit the family room. They made a significant dent in the mess, but it's still kind of scary in there.

Just now Little Brother asked if he could play on the computer. I told him that he should pick up his knight costumes, swords and other gear first. He did not like that idea.

"My friend made that mess! He took everything out! He should put it back! Can't you just call him and make him put it back?"

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