Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It Never Works the Way You Planned

Yesterday was like a comedy of errors. I had thought that I would do the grocery shopping during Little Brother's school yesterday and go to Adoration on Thursday during schooltime. There's an Adoration Chapel in a nearby church--not our parish, but I figure I can take advantage of the opportunity.

Then I found Big Brother's lunchbox by the front door. I don't usually "rescue" my kids, but I also noticed that TheDad's lunchbox, which he had not put in the kitchen the night before & which contained nothing but a dirty container and silverware, was MISSING from the bench by the door where I'd seen it in the morning. I felt all sorry for Big Brother, thinking he grabbed the wrong lunchbox, so I delivered his lunch to school. Then I took Little Brother shopping since we were already out, took him to school, and headed to the church for Adoration. I figured obviously I was SUPPOSED to be there since all the events were putting me there.

I've been in that church less than 8 times in the 8 years we've lived here. There was a funeral going on, and the sound system pipes everything through the whole building. I found the little chapel and was very confused. Only one little dim light, no Tabernacle, no Jesus, and no other people! There was a statue of Mary and one of the Infant of Prague, and 2 confessionals. Even with my MP3 player on, I couldn't stop hearing the funeral and when they started to wind up I figured I'd better get out or I'd be stuck in the procession and late for Little Brother.

On my way out the door I found the actual Adoration Chapel.

Then later I discovered that Big Brother did not have TheDad's's lunchbox after all--TheDad took it back to work with him!! But Big Brother had money in his pocket so when he discovered that he had no lunch he figured he'd just buy. He got his lunchbox in time to eat that instead.

All was not lost, however, since in the supermarket Little Brother was in rare form. He wasn't being bad, but he was talking and singing nonstop....while I was getting applesauce he was trying to talk me into buying Sesame Street applesauce for Big Brother's lunchbox....then he wanted a flavor of Jello (lemon) that I am quite sure he doesn't like....then he had to spell out every name of every flavor of Ramen noodles....and for several aisles it was "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells on the way!" I kept running into this one lady who was quite entertained by him. Maybe all this happened so we'd wind up meeing her. She had a good laugh, courtesy of Little Brother.

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