Monday, January 22, 2007

Prayer Day for Life

Maybe you can't march today. I can't. When all my children are older, I'll be able to do that again--but today, I'll have to be content with other works.

I've gone to Mass and participated in the Monday Novena to the Blessed Mother. The prayers of the faithful today focused on the protection of life from conception to natural death.

I will spend time today making a dent in my overdue correspondence: letters to corporations that fund Planned Parenthood.

The Minor Friar has a suitably Franciscan-flavored post on all that we should keep in our prayers today:
let's take some kind of moment today to pray for forgiveness for all of our complicity in this culture's sins and offenses against the life God gives: abortions, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism, capital punishment, suicides (and all suicides are assisted somehow), child abuse, spousal abuse, racism, the violence induced by drug criminalization, prostitution, pornography, factory farming, and the pollution of our sisters the water and the air.

May God have mercy on us for our part in any of these, and may the Holy Spirit inspire our words and deeds that we may work for a better world in which life is revered.

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