Monday, January 22, 2007

To Life!

There have been so many events in the past few days that have led me to focus on the ways people I know have supported the cause of life.

Jill, one of the very first people to comment on my blog has just brought home a Korean baby boy, to adopt into her family.

I received a lovely "thank you" email from a family who requested baby furniture on Freecycle a couple of months ago. I gave them a highchair, a few toys, and some toiletries and coupons for an infant they are caring for as foster parents.

While I was at Mass today, "SFO Girl" (of comment-box fame) and her FOUR adopted teenagers were at the March on Washington, with several other Franciscans including a priest and some Franciscan Volunteers. They called me and left me a message on the answering machine: I could hear the crowd singing "God Bless America."

Sitting in the pews at Mass were several other members of my Franciscan Fraternity, all of whom work hard in the cause of life: one cares for her elderly, ailing mother at home; one volunteers tirelessly at a crisis pregnancy center; every one of them prays hard that the culture of LIFE will pervade our nation.

And then, in the mail, I received a card from one of my roommates from grad school at Notre Dame. Enclosed was a photo of her adopted daughter. I haven't heard from this roommate since my graduation almost 19 years ago.

I am blessed and encouraged by all of these wonderful people and the examples their lives have become.

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