Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Kitchen Sink View

Here's the view from my kitchen sink. There's been a number of "mom bloggers" posting these lately. Most of them live out in the country, or the woods, and have gorgeous backyard views. I've got the Aging Suburban View--fortunately, because the newer developments around here have houses so close to each other that my back-door neighbor could toss that spice bottle out her kitchen window and right into mine. We've got a little space between houses here, and I appreciate that. There's room in the yard for the swing set and Big Climbing Fort, as well as my large clothesline.

My kitchen faces northeast. Not a lot of sun comes in at this time of year. But I do get to see some beautiful winter sunrises.

After reading what Sarah and Suzanne had posted, I wanted to make some kind of Kitchen Sink Shrine as well. I'm there so much, I may as well do some praying along with the washing and chopping. But my windowsill is soooo narrow--nothing wider than a penny will fit! Then I found this little sculpture, tucked into a corner somewhere else in the house. It was a gift from my husband's aunt, and I have very fond memories of her. It's a little pewter, abstract Mother and Child, with the Child being a luminous marble--I always think of it as "Light of the World."

In honor of my grandmother, who always had a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the kitchen, I hung up a holy card with that picture, that just fits in the spot.

Next to my kitchen sink is the Caffeine Center. Middle Sister received the little statue of the Blessed Mother a couple of years ago. Both hands have broken off, but she's a very pretty little statue. Somehow she wound up in the kitchen and has never left. I want to keep her safe, so she's on a little tray with my sugar bowl, coffee grinder and pen mug. I see her each time I need a little caffeine boost, so I've nicknamed her "Our Lady of the Coffee Break."

Slowly but surely, the kitchen is becoming my shrine. I've got Saint Francis on the refrigerator and Our Lady of Guadalupe on the bulletin board next to the phone. There's a Saint Brigid's Cross on the wall, and a few prayer cards that belonged to my grandmother on the refrigerator as well.

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