Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just when you think you have a foolproof plan for Evening Prayer, someone throws you a curveball.

Everybody was busy. TheDad and Little Brother were playing a video game. Middle Sister was at the computer. Big Brother was studying for his history midterm.

I took out my MP3, cued up my favorite Brandenburg Concerto, and opened my book for prayers, in the living room, where no one else was sitting.

Big Brother decided that it would be a good time to put Little Brother's radio-control monster truck through its paces. Since everyone else was in the family room, he needed floor space--so he headed for the living room.

I did my best to ignore the black pickup as it nudged Middle Sister's abandoned lunchbox toward a corner and then unsuccessfully attempted to park under a child-size rocker. The music didn't block out the noise entirely, and only the fact that I've got the "Magnificat" memorized, so I could close my eyes, saved me from losing it completely. Fortunately I finished everything before Big Brother began parallel-parking the truck between the rockers of the large rocking chair.

When it comes to distractions, my kids' creativity knows no bounds. So I guess I am left to thank God that I have children, and that they have imaginations--and know how to use them. They may be distracting sometimes, but they're always a blessing.

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